At Ethemba Health And Image Centres, you can be sure that a licensed and skilled physician will perform your cosmetic laser procedures that will provide the best results. Dr. Hatfield uses safe and effective methods to treat wrinkles and other signs of ageing, and proven laser procedures for fast and pain-free hair removal. Visit our website to learn more.

Thanks to the emergence of laser technology, there are some cosmetic enhancements that no longer require extensive surgery. For example, instead of going under the knife for treatment of facial veins, you can go for cosmetic laser procedures Edmonton. Of course, laser treatment has its limitations, but you can discuss these with a doctor to understand what the best course for your situation is.

Another use for laser treatment is hair removal, which has become more and more popular. According to reports, the laser hair removal industry has revenue of over $200 million per year and with good reason. More patients find hair laser removal to be less painful and faster than electrolysis. Unlike waxing and shaving, a laser does not cause ingrown hairs. What’s more, it can definitely save time and money in the long run as opposed to temporary hair removal methods.

Other applications for cosmetic laser procedures Edmonton include laser facial, photo-aged skin, and treatment of any benign epidermal pigmented lesions. It is important that you only get laser treatments from credited and trained professionals for excellent results. This can reduce or eliminate the side effects of redness and swelling or even blistering.

If you are interested in any laser procedure, feel free to search this website. Our doctors and staff are dedicated to making our patients look as good on the outside as they feel on the inside. We also prioritise health and safety. You may book an appointment by filling up the online form.

Cosmetic Laser Procedures Edmonton

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