March, 2014 News… Sherwood Park’s Hair Gold Standard in Hair Laser Removal, What a “lunchtime Peel can do for you”, and the latest on Sherwood Park’s best diet, Dr. Hatfield’s Hcg Diet Protocol. How you too, can permanently shed those pounds.

124_hatfieldThe BEST time for Hair Removal is Right NOW

Dr. Hatfield explains how hair laser removal works and why safety is everything

A smooth bikini line and a “fur free” back are the norm today… and we live in a society where we expect results fast. “When I investigated which hair laser I wanted to bring to my practice, I was looking for a laser that produced excellent results causing minimal pain with safety for my patients being the highest of priorities.”., says Dr. Richard Hatfield, MD, CCFP. “That’s why we chose the Elite MPX for our clients at Ethemba Health and Image Centre”., adds Kassie, our senior Laser Technician at Ethemba Health and Image Centres. Kassie has years of experience using a multitude of laser systems throughout both her training and work experience. “I love the results I am getting with this laser! Many of my clients came to me frustrated with having tried everything in the hair removal world. With this laser the hair is gone, for good, and everyone smiles!”., says Kassie.

Hair removal can be expensive, painful and frustrating when results are less than perfect. Consumers don’t know what to look for or what to ask for when shopping around. Groupons are everywhere and often lure the unsuspecting customer into a situation where it may be a great deal on the surface but safety may be compromised and in the end results are less than satisfactory. “These are potentially dangerous lasers that can cause serious burns and permanent scarring if not used properly with a trained, certified technician”., says Dr. Hatfield. He further adds., “If one is not savvy in what to look for, you may be spending a lot of money on treatments that are not working because optimal settings are not used or lack of understanding on what level of power is needed for different patient profiles”. He further explained that the patient’s ethnic background, whether they are tanning or not and even what hair color they have matters. At Ethemba Health and Image Centres, we can treat any situation, and we understand which laser to use, at what setting with patient safety a priority.

Dr. Hatfield explains that old technology is often used today (many places don’t use true Lasers!) and that it’s very important as a consumer to ask the right questions when looking for a reputable, knowledgeable place to have hair laser removal treatments. “Todays’ advanced lasers treat larger areas, have built in cooling systems, have better safety mechanisms and speedier treatment times. This means you don’t have to visit us as much to get the same results. This saves you time and money”., adds Kassie.

“The best time for hair removal is right now”., says Dr. Hatfield. “Summer isn’t here yet so there is plenty of time to get results before you need them.”,
If you want to be “fuzz free” in time for beach weather, now is the time to see your professionals at Ethemba Health and Image Centres for REAL permanent Hair removal in Sherwood Park. We have our March promotions on now; give us a call to hear more at 780-570-5747.

A Lunchtime Peel? Here’s what 30 Minutes can do for you!

1334331841404We have an amazing new Peel line at Ethemba Health and Image Centre, offering our clients a quick, in-office treatment to help the skin appear healthier, plumper and tighter with enhanced skin smoothness and clarity. Results are AMAZING! All the girls at Ethemba have personally tried them and can’t stop raving about the outcome. If you want to;

  • Soften fine lines
  • Reduce the appearance of wrinkles
  • Treat and minimize Acne scars
  • Minimize Poor size
  • Lighten hyperpigmentation including age spots
  • Increase Skin moisture and add glow with radiance…

Then, this is honestly the Peel system for you. Call today to hear how your Team and Ethemba Health and Image Centres can use the NeoStrata Skin Rejuventation System to turn your skin around…just in time for Spring .


The Latest Buzz on Sherwood Park’s best diet, Dr. Hatfield’s Hcg Diet Protocol.

How you too, can Permanently Shed those Unwanted Pounds.



“I have maintained the weight loss! I’m now Running and working out. I feel great thank you.” -Robyn

“Love it! I am a healthier and happier version of me and couldn’t have done it without Shannon and Dr. Hatfield!”- Beryl

After many years of working closely with patients struggling with weight loss, Dr. Hatfield, MD, CCFP has perfected his program to allow for any type of patient profile. If you have tried “it all” and weight loss continues to be a source of frustration, then your team at Ethemba Health and Image Centres is here to walk with you down a different path…or maybe even “run” down this path! We will teach you how to eat real foods that fit into your lifestyle. You will have energy like never before and your renewed confidence will help you go after your goals with a unstoppable drive – everything is easier when we have optimum health. Maybe it’s a stressful job, home life or personal situation that has been holding you back…or mid life, menopause or perhaps a new baby has been keeping you up…or maybe your too busy to prepare healthy choices and you grab whatever you can on the go. Hate Veggies or despise cooking? Travel A LOT with work? Live out of town and don’t have local resources for this type of specialized help in weight management? Have no energy to exercise or pain when you try a new fitness program? Feel like whatever you do you can’t seem to lose that stubborn last 10lbs? No matter what your situation is, trust us, we’ve helped someone jump over that hurdle, and we will help you. Call your team at Ethemba Health and Image Centres today to get started on HEALTH for the rest of your life.

Sherwood Park’s Ethemba Health and Image Centres for Weight Loss at 780-570-5747.