Check out the weight loss Sherwood Park programs of Dr. Hatfield at Ethemba Health And Image Centres. We have effective weight management and weight loss programs that are professionally developed and proven to work. We have a supportive and encouraging staff that can help you throughout the program, too. This is your chance to achieve a healthier you. Visit our website for more details.

One of the hardest things to do aside from losing weight is to actually keep the weight off. There are many weight loss Sherwood Park programs available but not all will stick. That’s the problem today, there are so many fad diets like juicing and detox. Just because it works for your friend, it doesn’t mean it will work for you. After all, everyone is different, with varying metabolisms and fat build-up.

Losing weight is not just about looking good and feeling good about yourself—it is also about being healthy. According to reports, more than half of adult Canadians are obese or overweight. This becomes very risky as it can cause serious diseases, heart attacks, and even death at an early age.

A lot of people have tried to lose weight by starving themselves or going to the gym. Although the weight is lost, after a few weeks, the weight can most likely come back. If you are looking for a long-lasting weight loss Sherwood Park program, consult with Ethemba Health and Image Centres. Not only will we able to offer you a weight loss program—we can also offer a prolonged support system to maintain your goal weight effectively. What’s more, our weight loss programs will be tailored to meet your unique circumstances. Sign up for a weight loss program here on our website and you can expect weekly private consultations from physicians, lipolic injections, recipes, exercise suggestions, a patient guidebook, and more.

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