Skin Rejuvenation Edmonton

Reverse the signs of aging with cosmetic laser skin rejuvenation. Sun Damage and rosacea are common problems facing patients. Uneven skin pigmentation and profuse facial redness plague many women and men making them very self conscious of their appearance. The laserFACIAL gently heats the skin using the Nd:YAG Laser and results in reduced pigmentation, sealed facial vessels and collagen stimulation resulting in a smoother, more vibrant appearing skin. The Elite MPX is remarkable for addressing sun spots, pigmented lesions and overall skin texture. Broken capillaries are effectively removed. Skin tightening and textural issues are significantly improved. After adressing all of these issues, skin is left glowing with a youthful and flawless appearance. Very little downtime is associated with these customized treatments. For the reduction of aggressive pigment or superficial pigmented lesions such as lentigos, we can use the Elite’s Alexandrite laser with specialized settings to treat many skin conditions. The Laser facial feels like a facial massage, with a “non contact” technique of painting the skin. The laser is continuously moved over the surface of the face to prevent any one area from becoming too hot or causing discomfort. Patients can go back to their normal activities immediately following this laser facial. Five sessions spaced at 2 week intervals are performed. After the second session, the second session, having reduced some of the background facial redness, other problem areas are more easily identified and treated appropriately in subsequent treatments.

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