I would like to provide this reference for the exceptional care and treatment I received from Dr. Hatfield. I am a 49 year old professional business woman, who like many of my friends would like to look/feel a bit better about ourselves as we age. I met with Dr. Hatfield regarding a specific issue that bothered me, dark circles under my eyes, giving the appearance by those who met me that I was always tired. They are hereditary, so not much one can do on that front, SLEEP did not fix the problem nor did expensive creams and promises of products to do so. Dr. Hatfield suggested a treatment to enhance the appearance of the skin around the eyes… I was reluctant as felt I didn’t want to become addicted to cosmetic treatments…or look like I had something done? After reading about the treatment and consulting with Dr. Hatfield I decided to go for it and I’m not kidding, I look at least 7 years younger. I would say 10 but don’t want to embellish myself! It lasts about 18 months and truly the best money I’ve ever spent (around $500). I spend thousands of dollars on clothes, hair, makeup annually and yet always felt self-conscious about my eyes. I also had a treatment for the deep wrinkle that we all get over 40, on our forehead between our eyebrows! These 2 small procedures have made me feel so incredibly good about myself and people can’t actually believe I’m approaching 50! If you’re looking for a small change that people won’t notice, but you will, and make all the difference in how you look, and feel about yourself, do yourself a favor and see Dr. Hatfield. For those who are skittish of needles, the procedure is relatively painless, you do feel the poke of the needle but it a small amount of discomfort and the reward is great!

As a post note, my daughters have seen Dr. Hatfield for acne scars and my husband for hair loss and our whole family has benefited from Dr. Hatfields professionalism, expertise and quite frankly realistic treatments for us individually. He does not recommend extreme treatments and altering your appearance drastically, but subtle changes that improve how you look and feel. Thank you Dr. Hatfield!