Hair Rejuvenation, Hair Loss Edmonton & Regina

Hair Rejuvenation, Hair Loss Edmonton & Regina

Non Surgical Options for Hair Loss:

Many patients don’t want to have surgical procedures. Thankfully there are options for those who struggle with thinning hair and hair loss. A full head of hair is often associated with youth, health and good looks. Until recently, unless patients wanted to have surgery, options were limited. Ethemba Health and Image is proud to indroduce Laser Hair Stimulation – Sunetics.

Ethemba Health and Image Centres uses lasers that are set at very specific frequencies to stimulate hair follicles, slowing down hair loss, and promoting hair growth. It does this by breaking up and neutralizing the build-up of a hormone called DHT which is the primary cause of hair-loss in men and women.

As DHT builds up around the hair follicles, it causes hair to atrophy until it can no longer grow. Laser hair stimulation prevents this process from continuing and -in many cases- encourages hair to grow thicker once again.

Over 85% of our clients who have tried laser hair stimulation have seen success!

How does the laser work?

The laser uses 107 diodes that output low level laser therapy (LLLT) to the scalp, which in turn opens up the vascular network in the scalp, increasing microcirculation, increase in ATP production, calcium stores, also increases cell signalling responses and enables your proteins and nutrients to be delivered up to the hair follicle site. Low level (energy) laser light photons are absorbed by the chromophores within the cells. This induces increased production of cellular energy in the form of ATP, which leads to normalization of cell function, pain relief, healing and anti-inflammatory action. These effects are especially striking in areas of the body where cells are under stress which you see in the scalp.

Your statistics are:

99% of all patients will stop their progression on hair loss, meaning you are able to achieve stabilization of hair loss. All of these patients will also see fuller, thicker, shinier and healthier hair. Patients will notice a 20% increase in thickness alone within the first 3-5 months of treatment and upwards of 85% of patients will also see hair re growth.

Mechanisms of the laser therapy are:

  1. Increased scalp blood flow and microcirculation by 30%
  2. Increases nutrient supply to enhance hair growth
  3. Stimulates and accelerates hair growth
  4. Stops the progression of hair loss
  5. Repairs and improves hair shaft quality
  6. Reduces the binding of excess levels of skin 5 alpha reductase and DHT which contribute to genetic thinning
  7. Relieves scalp conditions such as psoriasis, seborrhoeic dermatitis, itchy/scaling scalp (anti-inflammatory properties)
  8. Normalizes sebum production (also increases production in under activity and dryness and decreases production in over activity or greasiness)
  9. (9) Reduces tight, tender scalp

These effects also make LLLT excellent adjunct therapy for pre-operative and post-operative Hair Restoration procedures.

How often do I come in?

Most patients will see better results in a course of treatments over 1 year. Over the course of the year, most patients will receive an average of 56 treatments. Our protocol is 2/week for 4 months, then 1/week for 4 months and then every other week for 4 months. Protocols can be tailored to fit our patient’s needs and lifestyles. Treatment time is 30 min. Patient has to wait a minimum of 48 hours in between treatments as to not over treat, but not wait longer than 2 weeks in between treatments for the first year.
EX: patient can come in Monday and Wednesday, but not Monday and Tuesday.

After the first year is complete, patients come in 1-2/month for maintenance.

Is it safe?

The Sunetics laser stimulates cell function. The effect is not thermal as in the case of surgical lasers. These non-surgical therapeutic lasers are certified Class 3A by the FDA. The energy produced by the photons of these lasers is low and does not have a thermal component that can cause injuries to users and/or operators. This low level energy does not alter molecular structures, but STIMULATES the body’s mechanisms to REPAIR AND HEAL itself. This laser can also be used for wound healing and that is why there are no reported side affects.

Does it hurt?

The patient will not feel much; at most some people will feel a mild tingling sensation or a warming sensation, which goes away within 10 min of completing the treatment.

When do patients start to see results?

Most patients will see full stabilization of hair loss within 3 months and hair re growth can be seen as early as 6 months.

Can patients use anything else in combination to increase results?

Yes. Patients can be on oral or topical medications, as well as using certain shampoos/ conditioners meant for Hair loss/thinning.

Who is a good candidate?

As long as there are living follicles in the area to be treated the laser can be effective in stabilizing and rejuvenating the hair.

This laser can work on male or female, and any race or skin color.

If the follicles are completely dead and the patient is completely bald then this laser is not the right treatment form for them.

Please see this link for before and after photos


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