Recipe for Life Program Edmonton & Regina

Recipe for Life Program Edmonton & Regina

“I have tried them all. You name the weight loss program out there – chances are I’ve done it! I have found the gem in theRecipe for Life program. The recipes are absolutely delicious, it’s easy to follow, my kids love the food, and the best part is that I am losing weight and keeping it off. Thank you for this amazing program!”
– JM – Ethemba Client

Everyone knows that weight management is difficult. We live busy lives with little time to prepare healthy meals. Long work days, or travelling make it even more challenging to make healthy choices. We live in a culture where we eat and run, with massive portion sizes. It has become commonplace for families to eat quick convenient foods that are high in fat, sodium and calories. No wonder we are facing an obesity epidemic. If you have tried and failed to lose weight before, you may think that diets don’t work for you. The secret is finding the right program to suit you and your unique individual lifestyle – basically finding a program that you can stick to…for life.

Ethemba Health and Image helps you find the right weight loss plan for you

Losing weight can be a daunting task, and without help, many of us become overwhelmed with all the choices out there promising results. Safe, effective weight loss for the long term requires the following:

  • Permanent changes in the way you eat
  • Permanent changes in the way you “feel” about food
  • Understanding portion control
  • Incorporating physical activity daily – it must become a habit. No excuses!
  • Eat real food. No powders, shakes, meal replacements. It must be real food you are eating!
  • Maintenance must be the most important part of which ever program you choose. Healthy eating is forever.
  • Your weight management program must be monitored by a licensed Physician!

What sets Recipe for Life apart from other programs out there is that it teaches you how to prepare healthy meals for you and your family. Your entire family can eat the meals while you lose weight. You won’t have to watch your loved ones eat their meal while you pick away at “diet” food. With the support of your family, and our team at Ethemba Health and Image, you will not fail.

What to Expect on Recipe for Life

  • Medically managed by Physicians with weekly private consultations to ensure success
  • 2 – 5 lbs per week of weight loss
  • Ongoing support group/team to ensure long term success
  • Complete medical history with Lab work, RMR and BMR testing (resting and basalmetabolic rate) (please hyperlink this to the rmr and bmr page)
  • Recipes, tips for breaking plateaus, exercise/healthy lifestyle suggestions
  • Patient Guidebook that gives you the program details and specific protocols. This will include a log book, tips, nutritional information, and hundreds of delicious recipes
  • Lipolic injections to help “breakdown the fat”
  • A detailed report at the end of the program outlining your specific metabolic requirements for continued success
  • A program designed for you specifically. Not everyone is the same and therefore your weight loss program will be tailored for your unique needs.

“A growing sense of relief and gratitude compels me to say “thank you” for the success I have experienced from participating in your weight loss program. I am no longer on the chemical treadmill to the extent I had been. In point of fact I now feel better at 70 than I did at 40!! Please understand that I am not normally inclined toward enthusiastic endorsement for any product or service…I am totally amazed at the gratifying results of your program.”
– TP – Ethemba Client

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