Clear&Brilliant Edmonton

Clear&Brilliant Edmonton

Prevent and reverse signs of facial aging, sun damage, tone, texture, and pore size all in one treatment!


What is Clear & Brilliant?

The Clear & Brilliant non-ablative fractionated laser improves the overall quality of the skin. It allows us to treat pigmentation, texture, and tone of the skin in the same treatment. It can be done on all skin types. This laser has 2 different wavelengths: Perméais more superficial (1927 nm) and Clear & Brilliant goes deeper (1440 nm). Depending on your skin needs, our professionals will guide you in your choice between these two treatments. This laser technology creates subcutaneous micro-perforations to generate the natural healing and repair process of the skin. It thus increases the production of new skin cells and stimulates collagen production.


CLEAR & BRILLIANT: A complete treatment!

Objectives: texture, tone, and complexion With its longer wavelength, Clear & Brilliant treats deeper skin layers than Perméa. It effectively tightens dilated pores, softens wrinkles and fine lines, and improves skin tone, texture, and complexion. This treatment can be done alone or as a 4-session treatment. Clear & Brilliant and Perméa are established as gentle alternatives to other more powerful fractionated lasers, in order to refine skin texture, improve texture, and reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation and wrinkles.


PERMÉA : A powerful exfoliation!

Objectives: complexion and texture Provides a more even tone for the skin, reducing overall pigmentation concerns Provides deeper hydration for softer skin Perméa is loved by patients who are used to microdermabrasion because it provides a much more powerful exfoliation. Thus, it allows cosmeceuticals to penetrate well into the skin for deep hydration. Perméa can be done alone or as a 4-session treatment.

Treatable areas by Clear & Brilliant & Perméa:

Clear & Brilliant and Perméa are specifically designed to treat the face, neck, décolleté, and hands.


Before and After Results:


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Book a complimentary consultation today to review which chemical peel would work best for you. We will go over the treatment process, what to expect during your recovery, and address any questions or concerns you may have regarding chemical peel. Our team at Ethemba is dedicated to providing excellent care and results for men in Edmonton and Regina.


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