" Dr. Hatfield understands women! More importantly he understands how women want to look. He treats your face as a canvas and enhances your features without it looking unnatural. " -Leanne
" I am very happy and pleased with Dr. Richard Hatfield and his expertise on many, many things. I have been going to Dr. Hatield for about 9 -10 years now. He has always listened to my concerns, and always given great feedback. " -RF


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Dr. Richard Hatfield, MD

Dr Hatfield has always been extremely passionate about helping his patients in all aspects of their heath. The name "Ethemba", an African name, has very special meaning for Dr Hatfield, who was born and raised in Southern Africa. Ethemba means to trust, to believe and to have faith in. For years, Dr Hatfield's patients have asked him for help in areas where his Family Practice was inadequately set up to fulfill all of their needs.

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