Sun Damage Edmonton & Regina

Sun Damage Edmonton & Regina

A sun shiny day makes everyone happy as they bask in the sun, enjoy the warmth, and partake in many outdoor activities. In moderation like everything else the suns rays are beneficial. Its when we over expose our skin to the UV rays the skin is compromised in the following ways:

Dry skin – moisture loss, dry flaky and premature wrinkles, even in younger skin

Sunburn – exposure to UV rays are injury to the skin and repeated burns over time break down the skin’s natural collagen synthesis and production along with dry skin, actinic keratosis, and long-term damage

Actinic keratosis – a patch of skin that feels like sandpaper or a small scaly crust of sun damaged skin that has a pink, red, yellow, or brownish tint. Actinic keratosis develops in areas of skin that have been exposed to sun UV light repeatedly over long periods.

Long term changes in the skins’ collagen – from over exposure to sun UV skin can develop actinic purpura ( fragile blood vessels beneath the skin surface). UV damage shows in premature aging of lines, laxity of skin and because of collagen structural damage cell turnover slows giving the skin a dull appearance and a weathered look to the overall appearance to the skin.

Luckily the providers at Ethemba Health and Image Centres can assess your skin from UV damage and reverse the damage with the following options:


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