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Acne can leave emotional as well as physical scars. Some people say their acne makes them less attractive to dates and employers. Others say it has made them lose confidence or become more pessimistic. These are all good reasons to get professional treatment. With the many treatment options that are available now, there’s no reason to let it affect your self-esteem or outlook on life.

Dr Hatfield often uses combination therapy when treating acne. Often two or more different treatments are needed to effectively deal with the underlying issues. Sometimes this includes an oral antibiotic or contraceptives in women. Birth control pills, which help slow oil production, are most often used for women who get blemishes around their menstrual period. Laser and light therapies are used on both acne and acne scars. They appear to work by destroying the bacteria that contribute to acne as well as shrinking the oil glands where they live.

As acne treatments have become more effective, virtually all acne can be prevented or treated effectively. Most cases of moderate to severe acne require the care of a Physician , who can prescribe stronger treatments than those that are available over the counter. Even acne scarring can be treated now with laser resurfacing, chemical peels, or other treatments .

At Ethemba Health and Image, we can treat acne in a variety of ways. We have an excellent skin care line with products specifically targeted to treat acne. We also use Blu-U, an effective, non-drug therapy for acne. It is safe, easy, and versatile because it can be added to your current acne treatment regimen to achieve excellent results. Treatments are quick and you are able to return to work or school immediately. This procedure is non-invasive and pain free, with full-face and neck treatments taking approximately 15 minutes. The BLU-U acne light works with all skin types (I-VI) and it is just fine if you have a suntan! Blue light photodynamic therapy acts by killing acne causing bacteria. Our patients simply sit comfortably in a chair while the light is applied to the affected area; they can even listen to music while being treated.

How many treatments are required?

Typically, treatment sessions are approximately 15 minutes long twice a week for up to 10 weeks. It is important to keep the treatment appointments recommended. By following the treatment plan, you’ll see maximum results and enjoy clearer skin. For optimum results, a maintenance treatment session once a month is recommended after completion of the initial series.

How safe is it? Are there any side-effects?

The BLU-U treatment is very safe. The blue-violet light penetrates just deep enough into the tissue to reach the acne target. It only affects the P. acnes bacteria, not the normal tissue. Even though there is no evidence of complications, we will not perform this treatment if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

How do I prepare for my treatment?

The face should be cleansed with soap and water and free of any oil. Ladies need to be make-up free during the treatment. Make-up may be re-applied immediately after the treatment. We will provide a skin preparation pad to further cleanse oils from the skin. We may recommend a skin exfoliation product to further enhance the photodynamic therapy.

How do lasers help clear acne?

Light pulses are delivered through the skin’s surface, targeting an organic compound generated by the Propionibacterium acnes (p. acne) bacteria called porphyrin. These porphyrins are photosensitive and when targeted by light, generate singlet oxygen, which kill the p. acne bacteria that cause inflammation.

How long should the treatment take?

Treatment times will vary depending on the size of the treatment area, though a full face will frequently take about 20 minutes.

How many treatments should I need?

Our doctor frequently starts with six treatments, two per week for two week, and one per month thereafter. More treatments may be needed for those with more severe acne. Dr Hatfield is an approved Acne Clinics of Canada Physician and therefore follows their protocol.

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