Treatments for Men Edmonton & Regina

Treatments for Men Edmonton & Regina

“I started going to see Dr Hatfield quite a few years back for a hair transplant. My results were excellent. We started chatting about this deep line I had between my eyes. Dr Hatfield made a few suggestions, did a quick 10 minute procedure, and within a week or two I looked like a new man. I see Doc H a couple times a year for a touch up and wouldn’t trust anyone else to do the job. I am very satisfied.”
– M K

From grooming and diet to sports and exercise, men’s desires for looking and feeling younger and healthier have been steadily increasing. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the number of cosmetic procedures performed in men has increased approximately 88% over the past decade. Recent statistics show that the number of men seeking Hair laser removal was second only to injectable Cosmetic treatments in the last year. There is a huge increase in the number of men having Dermal fillers and other injectable treatments for wrinkle reduction in Canada over the past few years.

“Now More than ever, it is seen as normal to pursue treatments to enhance Men’s appearance . Men like low-maintenance grooming . Laser hair removal is one example of many that illustrate how men can free themselves from shaving or waxing . Smooth, stubble-free skin is much more attainable with technology such as the Elite MDX Laser that we have at our clinic. It’s a quick comfortable treatment. Many of our clients are also requesting skin resurfacing such as our CO2 laser which can erase fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage, brighten dark undereye circles, reduce poor size, improve skin tone and tighten the skin considerably.

“We’re able to offer my patients a safe, convenient treatment with someone they can trust.”
– Dr Hatfield, MD, CCFP

With an aging population and men staying in the workforce longer, men want a competitive advantage. They want to look as good as they feel and they want to project a healthy, restful image when dealing with the public. Cosmetic injectables are one area in particular where expertise is critical. Dr Hatfield is an advanced injector for several years. His results are natural and in fact he has taught his techniques to many colleagues throughout North America.

Thanks to media Celebrities and Athletes who openly discuss their “manscaping”, there is a lot less stigma attached to Cosmetic Medical treatments for men.

“We often have Men coming in for mole removal or laser treatments for sun damage, and while they are here, they inquire about their forehead wrinkles or a thinning hair line. Nothing is off limits. We have treatments for every concern Men worry about. Times have changed and I’m thankful I can finally help my male patients feel comfortable discussing previously tabooed subjects”
– Dr Hatfield, MD, CCFP

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