Vascular Treatments Regina

Vascular Treatments Regina

Imagine being free of unsightly veins and other unwanted vascular skin imperfections on the face and body. Ethemba Health and Image uses the Elite MPX laser to effectively treat undesirable redness and facial veins including fine red lines, spider veins, rosacea, birthmarks, leg veins, and cherry angiomas. This laser is safe for all skin types and is a leader in the industry for treat . Our state-of –the-art technology allows us to treat vascular lesions without surgery, and the procedure is painless – not requiring anaesthesia. Normal activities can be resumed immediately, and noticeable improvements are seen within weeks of your first visit.

Spider veins and facial vessels are often genetic or may be due to hormonal changes, pregnancy or simply aging. Almost half of all our patients voice complaints about this frustrating issue. A very good understanding of the venus anatomy increases the rate of success in this treatment.

Our cosmetic dermatology practice and this laser has allowed us to open our office to male patients. Men represent a significant portion of aesthetic dermatology – These patients with Pseudofolliculitis Barbae, a condition with large amounts of ingrown facial and neck hair are being treated with the Elite MPX. After trying numerous temporizing therapies, these patients are thrilled with the results. Women commonly choose to treat the bikini area, underarms, face, legs arms and back while men often choose chest, abdomen and back as well as the beard and neck areas. Those seeking treatments due to ingrown hairs and razor burn typically see complete resolution by the end of an eight session regimen at six week intervals.


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