A Personal Message from Dr. Hatfield & Shannon Hatfield, Founders of Ethemba Health and Image Centres

“Believe. Faith. Trust.”

Welcome to Ethemba! We chose an African name for our clinic that encompasses all of the attributes that we felt were most important when choosing your provider for Health. Africa, holds a very special place in our hearts and we wanted to share a little bit of that unique culture with you. Africa is a beautiful country with a lot of faith and hope as it isn’t nearly as fortunate as ours in terms of resources. Taking a little piece of African culture, we believe wholeheartedly, as do the Africans in the delicate balance between traditional medicine and modern medicine. Fortunately, modern medicine is advocating, more than ever before, the practice of “preventative therapy” as opposed to treating a condition after the fact with expensive pharmaceutical agents and other costly treatment modalities. Again, tracing back to a culture that believes in “natural” health, beauty and wellness, our small, boutique style clinic was conceived.

Ethemba means to believe, to have faith in and to trust. We truly believe that health is your most important investment. Whom you entrust to achieve wellness is critical. We are very proud of what Ethemba Health and Image Centres has become. We love what it stands for and we’re humbled and honoured with the tremendous support and client base that we’ve built over the years. Our clients have become family to us and believe that they will only ever receive the highest of standards in care. Whether it’s Skin Health, Cosmetic Procedures, Weight loss, Hair loss or Laser treatments, you can rest assured that excellent care, integrity, honesty and your safety will be our number one priorities.


Dr. Hatfield & Shannon Hatfield
Founders, Ethemba Health and Image Centres
“Believe. Faith. Trust.”

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