Glo Minerals Edmonton & Regina

Glo Minerals Edmonton & Regina

Your skin needs nourishing therapeutic care to stay healthy and beautiful. When it comes to giving skin-deep soothing care, Glo Skin Beauty products are unmatched. Their carefully crafted formulas offer antioxidants, nutrients, and so much more.

This innovative line of skin-care products is capable of providing professional-level results without the need to come in for treatments. Glo Skin Beauty products are perfect for all skin types and can handle a diverse array of skin issues, making Glo Skin Beauty the perfect choice for personalized skin care.

Glo applies the same philosophy behind their skin care to their makeup collection. Their makeup is an extension of their skin care, so each lipstick, eye shadow, primer, and palette they offer contains the same nutrients and active ingredients you find in their cleansers and serums. Every product Glo offers is designed to keep your skin beautiful and healthy.


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