Thank you Shannon for taking the time to prepare the letter I received yesterday with the medical bench marks of before and after, it was truly an eye opener for me. As I enter the 50’s – yeah! This information has never been discussed with me or captured quite like you have done so it provides a total awareness of how important the balance of diet and exercise really are. We all read about the importance in magazines, books and other sources, however, it truly is an eye opener when you see the details on paper from the lab work. With diabetes, heart disease and cancer in my family history, I am certain that had I not entered your program I would have been on this path. I wish to thank you again for everything you have done pertaining to my success with the program. I feel like a “new” person with more energy and confidence that my future goals will be met through my new lifestyle.

Sincerely – H

Dr. Hatfield understands women! More importantly he understands how women want to look. He treats your face as a canvas and enhances your features without it looking unnatural. I travel the world and I see many women who have very obviously had some work done. There is a very fine line – no pun intended – to looking good and looking done!! A few minutes in Dr. Hatfield’s waiting room and you will be impressed. The clients look good, they look fresh, they look rested and most impressively they look natural. I am living proof of his handiwork. After a very difficult time in my life and observing the effects of stress on my face, Dr. Hatfield restored the better ME! I no longer have people telling me I look tired! They tell me I look healthy and youthful and that makes me FEEL healthy and youthful.”



In April 2012… my personal physician, Dr. Richard Hatfield…recognized that as an owner of a thriving company that my lifestyle was pretty hectic and that I may need a nudge to get me thinking…I will admit I was a bit nervous about the treatment but decided that I needed to fully commit to the protocol or pass on what I now considered an opportunity. I will admit that the first 40 days was not easy… but every day I looked forward to getting on that scale and watching it tick down closer and closer to my target goal weight. At the beginning of day 41 my scale indicated that I dropped a whopping 43 lbs, I went from a 38 waist to a 33, and felt fantastic. This program has been a life lesson in how my body works and has been the ultimate life changing experience. Along with the nutritional education that I received by going through the HCG portion of the diet I now have a structured exercise routine which includes jogging, yoga, and weight training. The program has a way into integrating into your life like no other I have ever experienced. It isn’t a pill, or a powder drink supplement, or something else that will cost a fortune to maintain. It was my catalyst towards a fully rounded healthy lifestyle that I will enjoy for the rest of my days.

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“I would like to provide this reference for the exceptional care and treatment I received from Dr. Hatfield”. I am a 49 year old professional business woman, who like many of my friends would like to look/feel a bit better about ourselves as we age. I met with Dr. Hatfield regarding a specific issue that bothered me, dark circles under my eyes, giving the appearance by those who met me that I was always tired. They are hereditary, so not much one can do on that front, SLEEP did not fix the problem nor did expensive creams and promises of products to do so. Dr. Hatfield suggested a treatment to enhance the appearance of the skin around the eyes… I was reluctant as felt I didn’t want to become addicted to cosmetic treatments…or look like I had something done? After reading about the treatment and consulting with Dr. Hatfield I decided to go for it and I’m not kidding, I look at least 7 years younger. I would say 10 but don’t want to embellish myself! It lasts about 18 months and truly the best money I’ve ever spent (around $500). I spend thousands of dollars on clothes, hair, makeup annually and yet always felt self-conscious about my eyes. I also had a treatment for the deep wrinkle that we all get over 40, on our forehead between our eyebrows! These 2 small procedures have made me feel so incredibly good about myself and people can’t actually believe I’m approaching 50! If you’re looking for a small change that people won’t notice, but you will, and make all the difference in how you look, and feel about yourself, do yourself a favor and see Dr. Hatfield. For those who are skittish of needles, the procedure is relatively painless, you do feel the poke of the needle but it a small amount of discomfort and the reward is great!”

As a post note, my daughters have seen Dr. Hatfield for acne scars and my husband for hair loss and our whole family has benefited from Dr. Hatfields professionalism, expertise and quite frankly realistic treatments for us individually. He does not recommend extreme treatments and altering your appearance drastically, but subtle changes that improve how you look and feel. Thank you

Dr. Hatfield!


I am very happy and pleased with Dr. Richard Hatfield and his expertise on many, many things. I have been going to Dr. Hatield for about 9 -10 years now. He has always listened to my concerns, and always given great feedback. I started off with a treatment for wrinkles, and then went to him for fillers such as Restlylane. He knows my face very well and knows what looks aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Dr.Hatfield has excellent bedside manner, and Regina is very blessed to have such a wonderful Doctor here for the amount of different procedures he performs and offers.

Dr. Hatfield is a perfectionist at best. I will continue to go to him, and have recommended Dr. Hatfield to many people.


I had been getting treatments for wrinkles and fine lines at another clinic then my friend was talking about her experience with Dr Hatfield so I thought I would check it out. When I went to see Dr Hatfield he was so kind and actually listened to what I wanted. The previous clinic I went to said that my expectations were unrealistic but Dr Hatfield said that he could do it. He got rid of my frown lines but left me with movement on my forehead so I do not look frozen. I have not and will not ever go to anyone else for my treatments. There is such a sense of calmness around Dr Hatfield and he has a natural talent with a needle. Thank you Dr Hatfield!

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Thank you so much for the wonderful job done during my hair transplant procedure. I’m looking forward to showing off the results in a few months! Thanks also for making the procedure less scary with great conversation, sincere smiles, yummy food and contagious laughter! You are an amazing team!

To the staff and Dr. Hatfield

I really want to thank you for making my experience so painless at your clinic. I tend to have a fear of Dr.’s and find it very hard to even make the first appointment to see the Dr. I have had that skin tag for years and have always said I should get it taken off. I was pretty sure it would never happen but it was on my ten year plan. If I would have known how painless and quick it was to have it removed I would have come in many years ago! I just want to thank you all for walking me through finally having that ugly skin tag removed. I would recommend anyone looking to have a mole or skin tag or anything else for that matter removed call your office. I left your office so very pleased with the service and the fact it took ten minutes and I felt nothing! I had nothing to fear going to Dr Hatfield and should I need anything done again I will be coming back.

Thanks for everything!


Thank you Dr Hatfield for giving me confidence! I recently went through a life changing event. I wanted to look better than I felt! I can honestly say that I look rested, bright, and happy! EVERYONE IS COMMENTING! My best kept secret is Dr Hatfield. I am a middle aged lady that had (and I quote “had”), wrinkles, dull skin, and thinning eyelashes. I have received treatments for all of these issues. Dr Hatfield’s great staff helped me with a product for my thinning eyelashes that works! They also got me started on a skin care line that actually makes a difference…and Dr Hatfield gave me treatments for my wrinkles that make me look at least 10 years younger! Thank you Dr H! You are the best!


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