Celazome Clinical Skin Care Edmonton


Celazome Clinical Skin Care, once available only through physicians, dermatologists and other medical professionals, has been revolutionizing the art of skincare for over 14 years. Celazome Clinical Skin Care products exemplify a fantastic combination of science and nature, and are solely researched and developed in laboratories without any testing on animals. Each and every item meets pharmaceutical standards and boasts a proven lifespan of 2 years after the date of manufacture.

Celazome Clinical Skincare’s patented signature Lyphazome® Nanotechnology is richly included in each and every item. This technology ensures that all-natural plant based ingredients are encapsulated into tiny Nanospheres that are 1/50th the size of human skin cells and yet provide 75 times the concentration found in other encapsulated products. On average, 80% of these micro ingredients are clinically proven to penetrate deep to within the lowest sections of the epidermis. This system has produced such exceptional outcomes that Celazome Clinical Skin Care guarantees results in as little as two weeks for most individuals. All formulas are Health Canada approved, are sold internationally in 20 countries and contain the highest quality vitamins A, C and E for beautiful and lasting skin.

Ethemba Health and Image Centres is proud to bring you Celazome Clinical Skin Care.

“There are certain products in this line that I trust completely in many of my patients that have specific skin conditions that need extra TLC…We live in a very dry climate and there are certain products in this line that are outstanding for this issue.” Dr. Hatfield, MD, CCFP

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