In April 2012… my personal physician, Dr. Richard Hatfield… recognized that as an owner of a thriving company that my lifestyle was pretty hectic and that I may need a nudge to get me thinking…I will admit I was a bit nervous about the treatment but decided that I needed to fully commit to the protocol or pass on what I now considered an opportunity. I will admit that the first 40 days was not easy… but every day I looked forward to getting on that scale and watching it tick down closer and closer to my target goal weight. At the beginning of day 41 my scale indicated that I dropped a whopping 43 lbs, I went from a 38 waist to a 33, and felt fantastic. This program has been a life lesson in how my body works and has been the ultimate life changing experience. Along with the nutritional education that I received by going through the HCG portion of the diet I now have a structured exercise routine which includes jogging, yoga, and weight training. The program has a way into integrating into your life like no other I have ever experienced. It isn’t a pill, or a powder drink supplement, or something else that will cost a fortune to maintain. It was my catalyst towards a fully rounded healthy lifestyle that I will enjoy for the rest of my days.

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