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Botox Injections Edmonton

Botox Injections have grown in popularity over the last decade and now many men and women alike are using this cosmetic rejuvenation to help them stay looking youthful longer. The Botox Injections are popular for a number of reasons: they work, they take just minutes to administer and require zero downtime for recovery afterwards making them […]

Botox for Migraine Treatment Edmonton

Migraine sufferers who haven’t been able to find relief though other pain management methods are often frustrated and discouraged. Migraines can bring your life and livelihood to a standstill until they pass. Dr. Hatfield has been helping treat patients with Migraines for 15 years with Botox. Dr. Hatfield works with each patients on an individual […]

Lip Augmentation Edmonton

Lip Augmentation has helped many women achieve the fuller lips they desire. Enhancing the lips has become increasingly popular among both men and women, but especially women who envy the pouty, full, sensual lips of the Jolie’s and Johansson’s of the world. Some may seek out Lip Augmentation to enhance just the upper or just the lower lip […]

Facial Fillers Edmonton

Facial Fillers are an injectable facial rejuvenation popular with both men and women to reduce signs of aging like lines and creases. As we get older there are a number of factors that contribute to our aging process from lifestyle to genetics to sun-exposure. There are different facial rejuvenation treatments and procedures these days that are […]

Lip Enhancement Edmonton

Lip Enhancement is a used to enhance the size of one or both lips. Many women are unhappy with the small, flat, thin nature of their lips and desire the fuller, more sensual pout of women like Angelina Jolie. Some women have one lip that is significantly fuller than the other lip and seek our Lip […]


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